"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today" - Tim Fargo

Our Vision

We firmly believe that organizations are living systems in an interconnected world. The real power of an organization lies in the quality of the connections and the way they are nurtured and used.  CompanyDoctors grew out of our frustration with the observation that many organizations do not - or at best inadequately - exploit their dormant or imprisoned potential and that of their employees. Additionally, organizations and employees are often caught up in all sorts of mechanisms that cause energy loss. All these obstacles burden a sustainable and dynamic development and have negative effects on both organization, staff and society at large. That waste of energy is not just a mere pity: it is absolutely useless.

Starting from that observation and the ensuing awareness, CompanyDoctors accompanies organizations in liberating the locked-up potential and eliminating the energy losses or at least minimizing them. We are truly convinced that a climate of ‘organizational wellbeing’ is best suited to exploit the potential more fully.

Our mission is to either restore or establish such a climate in which:

staff deal with each other in an authentic way and are committed to use their creativity to reach a common goal

‘accountability’ is a natural attitude and each individual is aware of his/her role and its impact on the whole

staff feel respected and enabled to develop their talents and use them to the benefit of the organisation.


In such an environment:

productivity is naturally high because unwanted interpersonal dynamics no longer hinder it from flowing

collaboration is swift and easy

innovation flows easily and freely

customers are delighted while other stakeholders feel acknowledged and respected as well

the whole organization thrives.

Your company could be sitting on a load of unmined treasures and talents.
We help you to bring their full potential to the surface and let it bloom.
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