"Never let a good crisis go to waste" - Winston S. Churchill


A crisis is an unexpected event with a potentially significant negative impact that can leave the organization feeling overwhelmed and out of control. Typical examples are a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.), a sudden departure or unexpected passing away of a key person, an external legal claim (fraud, embezzlement, etc.), a quality issue with a product, that could either present a danger to the customer or has already harmed customers (imposing a product recall), a crime (sabotage, theft, violence).

Any company can experience a crisis. What business owners often overlook is that a crisis also offers an opportunity to do things differently and better in the future.

CompanyDoctors restores calm in the organisation and helps you emerge from the crisis feeling invigorated. Depending on the desired outcome and the organisation’s capabilities, we will agree on the required measures and decisions. 

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