Een geluk bij een ongeluk?

A blessing in disguise?

Surely you are familiar with them. Stories about people who, for example, for some trivial reason, missed a train and later heard that the train, due to technical failure, had been standing still for hours in the burning sun. Throughout the years, expressions like ‘a blessing in disguise’ or ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ were born.

While the sayings do not minimize the seriousness of the incident, they do indicate that one can look at an event in different ways.

Crises are a part of our lives, both private and professional. However, since we usually are not so keen on change, we tend to return to the old state as soon as possible.

We often ignore that a crisis offers us an opportunity to pause at the existing situation and look at it with a fresh, new look. And asking ourselves the question: is this still OK? Can’t we handle this differently and possibly better?

As everyone may have experienced, constraints have the potential to awaken our creativity. But to benefit from that opportunity, we need to allow ourselves to take some distance and be prepared to review the old solutions and, if necessary, let go of them.

Posted on 20-04-2017

Why CompanyDoctors?

Why CompanyDoctors?

It is always fascinating to watch young children playfully discovering the world. They explore, are immensely curious and try out all sorts of things. Their energy and imagination seem endless. Actually, they are constantly busy discovering, developing and expressing their potential.

OK, 25 years fast forward: after proper training, these young adults enter an environment that, for various reasons, is hardly reminiscent of their carefree childhood. Often there is not much room to express their potential, let alone to develop it further. However, their employer is also seeking his or her way in a world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) are rampant and in which the employer could actually make very good use of all potential present in the organisation. What a shame about the waste!

All too often, organizations pay too little attention to the human potential that is dormant in both their employees and organisation.

CompanyDoctors was born out of frustration over this waste. Not only about the missed opportunities but also about the impact of the waste on staff and organisation and, by extension, on society. We believe that organizations can greatly benefit from cultivating a climate of organizational wellbeing. That is not a soft philosophy but a forward-looking approach.